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About Gagan

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Nice to Meet you, I am Gagan 

Honors and Recognitions

Panel of Best Coaches and Winners in the world, USA

Gagan Arneja was in panel of "Best Coaches and Winners in the world" in November 2019 at Los Angeles, California. Participation of 2500+ from over 75 countries. Panel of five people included Gagan - 2 Olympic Gold medalist (Steven Bradbury from Australia and Bruny Surin from Canada), a renowned American academician - Stedman Graham and world’s #1 Business and Wealth Coach (JT Foxx from the United States).

Mega Speaker

Gagan Arneja was invited to speak in Auckland on effective Decision-Making empowering people to pursue their dream and journey towards their Success.   

About Me


I feel immense joy and happiness when I see my clients taking actions and enjoying everyday lives. 


I have spent nearly the past 20 years working with reputed Consulting and other global brands in the corporate sector both in Australia and around the world. 

I have many years’ experience working with teams and people at all levels and I am dedicated towards positive mindset transformation to empower leadership and effective decision making. 


I have transitioned from corporate environment to living my dream of Coaching, Speaking with people empowering them to live full lives and be their best at all times. 

I am a Coach, a Thought Leader and an International Public Speaker.

- Mother of 2 teenagers, Pranay and Chloe.

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