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Let me talk about what you can expect while you are in hypnosis …

While you are hypnotised, you will not be asleep, you will actually be directed at being more conscious about specific thoughts, sounds, images, such as your imagination, self-talk and feelings. You will hear everything I say to you and will remember everything that takes place. 


The hypnotic feeling is very similar to how you feel at night, just prior to falling asleep, often very relaxed and at ease. Everyone can be hypnotised; I have hypnotised many people and have never seen a person who can't be hypnotised. 


“You may have read or heard that you can never be made to do things against your will.” 

This is sort of true, if I told you to go Rob every bank in the world and bring all the money back to me in a truck … you would open your eyes bringing yourself out of hypnosis and walk out of session.


However, have you ever tried to do things with just will power? Most people don't have the will to do what needs to be done, that's why they come to a hypnotist in the first place.  

In the session, at a subconscious level you will re-program a belief you have but wish you didn't. Like if you currently believe you have no confidence or motivation, after hypnosis you may discover that deep within, you have the confidence and have now built the motivation you need. 

Hypnotherapy supports in -

🧡 Quit Smoking - 8 out of 10 smokers successfully quit smoking naturally

🧡 Stress/Anxiety Management

🧡 Weight Management 

🧡 Build Confidence/Certainty 

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