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Certain Times with "new Resilience"

Best Coaches and Winners in the World

Uncertain Times…?

Are we all not impacted with the same wave of uncertainty, mixed feelings, isolation, less work or work from home, indoor exercise, and now face masks?

All this is inconvenient at start, but better for us and everyone around us.

Not here to quote known facts, “This too shall pass”. All that matters are how we respond to this uncertainty and bounce back.

A greater vision of Life is “new Resilience”.

We live every day and keep taking actions.

Actions to succeed, actions to progress, actions to learn and actions to learn more.

Desire to learn is “new Resilience”.

Leading yourself is “new Resilience”.

Even in the face of unexpected challenges.

Last year, it was an honour to share the podium for a discussion on "Self-Leadership" with Stedman Graham (Oprah Winfrey’s partner), Bruny Sarin (Gold Medallist Athlete), Steve Bradbury (Gold Medallist Ice Skating), and JT Foxx (Millionaire Underdog).

No one saw this coming, and the key message of discussion was clear to - Lead Ourselves and Progress.

We need to NOW Lead ourselves, bounce back and progress.

A new normal, post-COVID needs a stronger you!!

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