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What you THINK  you BECOME

- Buddha

Have you ever felt stuck in those unnerving thoughts of cravings? 

I have found that, when you quit cigarettes, it might feel as though every waking second is overwhelmed by one idea and one thought: the desire to smoke.

If you reflect on those moments, you'll notice that most desires last just around three to five minutes. They will in general fall off the squares emphatically and decline bit by bit until they're at last long gone.


The best rule of thumb is to deal with cravings as they come, one by one and the best way is to interrupt your thought pattern at the moment the craving hits. 

Simply shift gears and do something entirely different for a few minutes. 

By doing so, you can easily redirect your focus from the physical and psychological craving as opposed to sitting there and allowing it to consume your thoughts.

Hence, the 5-mins mindfulness session is extremely powerful, effective and empowers you to make effective choices. 

Mindfulness SessionGagan Arneja
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To stay focused on what really matters to you — your money, your family, your friends, your health, your future. 


In the end, it is important to remind yourself that craving is a call, not a command and each time you don’t smoke is a small victory. All these add up to a huge victory over time.

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