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Magnetism of Personal Influence

It’s June 2020, in every moment of life everything is changing, silently and unconsciously. 

That what is silent and invisible is also the most powerful, and majestic. Isn’t it? 

Think of Heat, Light, gravitation, etc.

Just like environmental surroundings create atmosphere, every person creates an atmosphere driven by and comprising our beliefs and emotions - which impacts every other person. It is so powerful, it can either weaken or strengthen us. 

Just like we feel heat and get impacted from Sun and other millions of stars in galaxy from far distance, we do feel and get impacted with personal influence of people we surround, and the world! It is so potent that we can alleviate sufferings of mind by cultivating sweetness, calmness, nobility, trust, generosity, truth, compassion, empathy, and for a better world to emerge.

It was this one time when I was in middle school reading about how magnets attract iron. Magnet creates a magnetic field around it (invisible and powerful) which changes the qualities of the iron to become a magnet itself. It’s an attraction of 2 magnetised bodies. We turn into magnets every time; we surround ourselves with people.

We feel good when we are with “positive vibes people” and may feel low with “not so positive people”. 

Some weeks of lockdowns of machinery, cars, noise - cleansed the atmosphere for every living being on land, water, air. 

Are we ready for self-cleansing with making the positive qualities vitally active and creating an atmosphere to live and thrive ourselves and others to reach full potential?

Are you ready to create and live in an atmosphere which is supporting and nurturing and bringing the best in you every day? 

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