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Sad, Fear, Anger, Happy, Joy ...

No one told us:

- it's alright to be sad,

- It's absolutely fine to feel fear and

- It's okay to cry

We all need sadness, fear, anger along with happiness, and joy and so on.

It's absolutely normal to feel all emotions.

What we all think as a rational response towards not so positive emotions is to "suppress them" with multiple forms and with stereotype statements such as "Boys don't cry", "Don't be sad, let it go", etc.

I have found, when we are true to ourselves, and able to express our emotions it builds trust and stronger social connections.

Human needs for these social connections have also been strongly re-identified during COVID lockdowns, isn't it?

Research proves, people who express emotions freely, experience well-being and their lives are purpose-driven. Emotions shape both- how we are today and what will our actions be tomorrow.

Sometimes, feeling sad can lead us to something better.

(Reminds me of the theme from the Pixar movie "Inside Out")

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