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Turning-Point moment

How many of us have ever experienced fear of change in our lives?

Did you know most of us wish to change, but don’t know how to?

And yes, this makes the graveyard full of all unfulfilled thoughts and wishes. Isn’t it?

The unknowns of change clouding our minds are much higher than the purpose and it’s win, hence resistance.

I have found that CO-ACT (by definition: to act or work together) framework strengthens and empowers us and makes us unstoppable in 5 easy steps -

C – Clarity

Clear sense of purpose and being purposeful, clear space in mind each day.

O – Openness

Openness to new opportunities, also turning obstacles to opportunities

A – Agility

Agility towards external threats and allowing internal acceptance.

C – Commitment

Commitment towards actions turning into positive habits. It’s for my good, your good and greater good.

T – Taking Actions

No goals are achieved without taking actions towards it.

Do we really need studies or research to prove “changes are for better"?

We see it, feel it and experience it ourselves every day, every moment inside our body and outside

There was this one time when I asked myself, why do I resist change?

The powerful answer was in the powerful reciprocated questions…and this was a watershed moment, a kind of an epiphany.

What if I was living in a part of the world, where there was no sunrise, would I be able to enjoy and value both day and night?

What if my body was not healing itself every time when needed?

What if a caterpillar hesitated to be cocooned, would it become a beautiful butterfly?

What if a seed was adamant about it’s identity as a seed, would it become a tree?

Would any embryo become a baby?

Really powerful questions, aren't these?

And the most challenging part is when it’s a turning point, from where there’s no turning back. It’s a reminder, for us about the transformation we are headed towards, the purpose and being purposeful. No one said, it’ll be easy. So, we admire our inner strengths more. Sure, we can be vulnerable to achieve our potential to a new identity and it is our innate strength to accept that vulnerability our strength.

A fear of change is often connected with fear of movement, hence the name “Metathesiophobia” derived from Greek word “meta” meaning change.

I wonder, why do we hesitate to move towards a better life, do you also think about it?

When we keep moving, momentum is on and keeps us in flow and makes it easier for us to adapt to any change.

The framework – COACT gets things moving in a simple yet most efficient and effective way.

Yes, for all kinds of changes, be it in personal life or at work, bringing happiness joy and profitability.

Be empowered to the change!!

(Sunset @ Brighton Beach, Vic)

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