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How to stop procrastinating?

Have you ever put off an important task and chosen to binge, and questioned yourself, “Have I become lazy”?

Well, you are not being lazy, but only procrastinating. Delaying tasks to tomorrow, delaying making decisions to tomorrow is all about procrastination.

I’ve found that, it is easy to procrastinate more often than less when we have a long to-do list and not sure where to start or a very big task which is overwhelming. Pomodoro technique helps me overcome procrastination.

Studies in various universities show there are mainly three reasons why people choose to procrastinate. Yes, it’s also a choice to procrastinate driven by uncertainty, fear, lack of purpose or all of these.

Procrastination is one of the worst enemies that could hold you back from your own Success. Would you like procrastination to win the race or let yourself achieve your goals?

Follow 5 steps to stop procrastinating and to be able to act now towards your success.

1. Think deeply, WHY, and how you could be benefitted by getting it done NOW.

2. Take Responsibility.

3. Set Deadlines.

4. Make yourself accountable by sharing your intentions publicly.

5. Look forward to rewarding yourself.

Pomodoro technique turned out to be very beneficial for me, especially during lockdown - setting up a time for 25 mins for each task, with a break of 5 mins. It’s a very focused and outcome-oriented approach. Also, I share my next projects with my accountability buddy and my coach to keep me moving towards my success. And I always reward myself on completion of every goal, be it big or small.

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