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Have you ever felt haunted by some of your own indecisions or maybe ineffective decisions?

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Mini-you (i.e., 10 years old you) is curious and at the same time is expected to behave like an adult to make at least 35,000 decisions each day even when sometimes its nerve-wracking. We know it is okay to make mistakes, and at times it is okay to be not okay, it makes us human. We learn from experience, then why the nerve-wracking when making decisions?

I have found that what clouds the mind are all the indecisions or ineffective decisions from the past, or an anxiety of the uncertainty from the future with “the big list of what-ifs”.

Decisions made, when being centred are best fit for that moment. And the outcome is more acceptable and definitely not haunting.

Being centred, considering your emotions is a space between disappointment and belief.

It is a space, where you can remind yourself of all the other bold and courageous decisions made in the past to be “WHO YOU ARE TODAY”.

It’s like empowering your mini-me to take decisions, reminding yourself, the only two outcomes out of all decisions are either “A learning” or “Success”.

In Psychology, research proves, we are all hard-wired to make better and effective decisions when empowered than when clouded with thoughts around fear and/or anxieties.

Four years back, my son (who was then 10 years old) and I uprooted our lives from India and moved to Melbourne, without knowing anyone in the country. I was juggling between cultural settlement, my son in a new school, setting up home, and new work… I was exhausted… The proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back was in August 2016 when my senior manager committed me to additional client requirement without any additional time budget. Juggling added with struggling, and I couldn’t decide how to either manage the new requirements or share status with senior manager, that it is not realistic to achieve in given time.

The same day, when I returned home, my son asked me a simple question about dinner, and I gave a very agitated and curt response because my mind was clouded by work. Like an electricity spike – it overloaded me and blew our conversation moment.

While in kitchen stirring vegetables, I questioned myself “what did just happen?”

Oh no, I couldn’t hold a simple conversation on family’s dinner? My indecision at work carried back at home blew up my family time.

I learnt it the hard way how indecision can lead to us be sullen and in turn affect our relationships, let this not happen to you.

Effective decision-making is a skill, (just like driving a car) which can be easily learnt, and with practice, also perfected.

Most of the people without realising carry everyday baggage of indecisions, procrastinations or ineffective decisions and It is heavy.

Empower yourself with the skill to improve your life and feel unstuck.

Every moment is the start of the next big thing in your life.

- Marianne Williamson

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