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Choose Happiness over Regret...

These revealed regrets are very impactful and life-changing for most of the people to take action towards fulfilling their lives.

I am determined and choose NOT to be not part of the statistics which claims the top 5 regrets.

Remember the fear or excitement or any such feelings around learning mathematical tables, names of the planets, first swim, first surf, first bungee jump, first interview, first presentation, first child, first dog and so on. 

Have you ever felt how easy it is to enjoy these experiences now, as against how we struggled before the first step? 

We were determined and continued to take some actions, and realised there are no barriers except the ones we have in our mind. Then why not live our lives happily and enjoy every moment and feel joy?

What it takes is only a strong positive self-belief to achieve any goal, be it in our personal life or at work or to maintain balance.

I have found that people who take actions rather than regret for not having tried at all, are Happier and Successful.

In the movie Chicken Run, Rocky introduces himself to be from the land of the free and home of the brave. His self-belief and mindset along with perseverance and various attempts made it possible for all chickens to FLY and be free. 

Do we live in the land of freedom or stuck are we stuck in barriers created by our own mind and not able to empathise and / or express ourselves?

Is it time for us to think or rethink "What We Really want?" 

As we now know, with determination, the right MINDSET and ACTIONS, we can go beyond hindrances of our own mind and live fulfilling lives. 

Choose wisely:

to Live freely or

to be a slave to our own mind hindrances.

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