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How to earn your leadership every day with effective communication

Effective communication is the key element in success of any leadership role.

It’s not what you say, it’s what they hear.

To get a message across to a more Senior person stakeholder, remember: they are interested in big picture items like strategy, vision, and the end game.

So, use those kinds of words, even when you are communicating details.

For example, you want to purchase three new printers for your department- and you need to get it signed off by senior management.

(Remember, they are not interested in the details, we just want to know the big picture- so pitch it to them in those terms.)

“With the end goal of increased efficiency and improved customer service, I would like to place three new printers at strategic points in our office to allow for faster deliveries of invoices”.

You are still giving them the specifics, but in the language that will be more appealing for them.

When you are talking to a front-liner (team of developers, ops team, BA’s), they are likely to be more interested in specifics and the process, the steps, and what this means for them and their ......

So, when you are delivering lofty ideas and vision from the top, make sure they understand the frontline practicalities.

“Team, we have a vision of delivering great customer service, and one of the ways we are not living up to that is that we are really slow with the invoices going out. What this means is that we're getting three new printers next week, which will mean some disruption while they are being installed, but ultimately, you're all going to be able to access printers much closer to your desk. This way you will be able to get those invoices out faster and your customers will receive them sooner, reducing the complaints we are getting”.

Keeping the picture below in mind, this tool will be your best friend; to understand what information people are interested (based on their roles) and how you can come across as a leader who listens and understands and hence, communicates well.

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