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Is failure Success? Yes / No / Maybe ...

What everyday unfolds is successive Success from failure. Isn’t it? Give it a thought, it takes deep insight and heroic courage to accept failure.

No one said, it will be easy, then why do we make it more difficult for ourselves to accept it and face it?

Some well-known Success stories (examples from daily-life) to share:

🌱 Destruction of the seed is the prelude to a plant

🦋 Failure of Caterpillar is the birth of a Butterfly

🌺 The passing of the bud is the becoming of a flower

🐣 Hatching of an egg is success to a new life

Success wouldn’t happen if seed or bud were scared to lose their identity, if caterpillar wouldn’t feel uncomfortable in a Chrysalis, and if egg wasn’t ready and didn’t trust it contains a whole life in it.

Failure is often the pivot of circumstance that swings us to higher levels, it is often the strong foundation of “Real Success!”

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