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Choose to connect Head and Heart

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Connect Head with Heart

Have you ever felt being torn apart within, when your mind pulls you away from your heart?

We often feel being compartmentalised, and with these thoughts we forget we are hard-wired humans always surrounded by people, people whom we like, and people whom we don’t like so much. We are all the same, we all have one mind, one heart and yet we are all unique and precious in not only one but various ways.

Studies show - our mind is our biggest enemy.

On a daily basis, it spews out difficult thoughts like “I’m not good enough”, or “I can’t do it”, draining our energies, and creating obstacles to achieve our goals and heart’s deepest desires.

I am not saying, mind needs to be controlled; however, it needs to be liberated. So, follow the heart and take the brain with it. This will bring peace, relief and liberate our head from “not so positive” feelings, if any.

Since our childhood, the concept of right and wrong may have been imposed on our minds. And when we are told, don’t think about the bad, guess what, the full-time work of mind may become, to only think about the bad - it’s paradoxical and overwhelming, isn’t it?

We are taught and conditioned to detach from people or situations when things become difficult and think from thehead, as thinking from the heart may result in vulnerability.

Nobody told us, it’s courageous, in a way, to be vulnerable.

The deeper the involvement, means deeper experiences of life. Connections are created with the heart first, and everything need not necessarily be a gain or a loss in commercial sense.

But, do we want to be liberated like this and think also from the heart? Yes, on second thought maybe No!! We are scared of this freedom. This freedom is a free-fall and without any guidelines (it’s different from what we were raised as) and might just end up in chaos, doing something careless or not so good.

Nevertheless, don’t we still sometimes end up doing something careless and not so good?

Connections based on real and genuine emotions and not necessarily linked with a gain or loss may prove to be more beneficial.

With me, make a decision today to liberate your mind and choose to build real connections within and outside.

It’s time to liberate painful pulse in the temple with the softness in the chest.

So, let's follow our heart and take our brain with it.

"A good heart is better than all the heads in the world."

— Robert Bulwer-Lytton

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Like your comment “ Nobody told us, it’s courageous, in a way, to be vulnerable”. It is very true in fact we have been told the opposite!

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