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Is Multi-tasking a Myth? Can you achieve goals effectively with Multi-tasking?

Wikipedia explains, multitasking in humans can result in time wasted due to human context switching and apparently causing more errors due to insufficient attention. 

Is Multi-tasking a myth? A great question to ask!

Yes, it is a myth or an illusion and a greatest distraction to primary Goal. 

2 Questions mostly asked in a conference, humans can multi-task, 

-       Can’t we breathe and focus on another task at the same time? Yes, breathing is at subconscious level, multi-tasking we talking here is at conscious level. 

-       Can we talk and walk at the same time? Yes, indeed you can, it demands minimum focus. 

However, can you keep walking when you are talking through a plane safe landing after missing the runway? Or, when someone has to walk on a rope between twin towers would effectively stop talking and focus on walk! Reminds me of movie “The Walk”. 

Research estimates we lose 28% of an average workday to multitasking ineffectiveness. This ineffectiveness brings $100,000s of losses on table every quarterly report and I’ve very closely seen the ripple impact of these loses penetrating in our homes and disturbing our personal lives. 

“Being Focused” is a skill that can be learnt, even though we are exclaimed to be less focused than a Gold fish. Our focus is determined by how we work on distractions and how committed we are to our Primary Goal or Outcome. How this primary goal is driven is most important factor to achieve it. Is it driven because you want it, or it’s driven by external influences like society, parents, spouse, peers…? 

Your personal goals are driven by our self will. It’s about doing one thing at a time. It’s about Laser point focus, Successful people do 1 thing 10,000 times and not necessarily 10,000 things at one time. 

“Focus like Arjuna”, great learning from Hindu Epic Mahabharta. Arjun had razor sharp focus learned skill from his coach Dronacharya in Archery. Being focussed, bring a state of flow in mind which drives towards completion of task. 

There are many ways to stay focussed and achieve your successful outcomes. 

To your Goal Achievement!! 

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